Combine your faith with Eve’s Addiction

Our religious beliefs inspire us and bring meaning into our lives. Eve’s Addiction understands the importance of religious symbols and invites you to wear one that reminds you of your beliefs.

This exquisite Sterling Silver Diamond Cross is the perfect touch of faith to wear with any outfit.



Personalize this Gold Sideways Couples Name Cross Necklace if you want to take advantage of Eve’s Addiction’s unique customized jewelry.



For the Jewish Holidays coming up in a few months, dress to the occasion with this Bali Style Star of David Necklace.


The Hamsa is a symbol of protection and is known to defend against the evil eye. This religious symbol applies to numerous religions, and is very multicultural. Try one out and wear the Vintage Style Sterling Silver Hamsa!



Eve’s Addiction offers jewelry pieces from every religion. From Christianity to Judaism, you can be sure to find what you are looking for on our website. In addition to the many pieces that are gender neutral, these religious pieces can be worn by both men and women! Check out our entire religious jewelry selection to hold your faith close to your heart.



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