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Erin Gray grew up in upstate New York, but has made her way down to the big city, from where she now blogs at Two Thirds Hazel. Seeing as it’s Christmastime, and there’s no more festive place to be at Christmastime than New York City, we chose this time of year to chat with Erin, our NYC representative blogger, about city trends and winter fashions, as well as the wonder that is New York City at Christmas. Read on for the full scoop!


Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you begin blogging?


My previous job was a bit of a bore since it stripped me of any creative outline. So I decided to create my own in the form of a blog after stumbling on quite a few others I admired via Pinterest. I thought of it as a little hobby to have fun with once in a while. I never thought it’d turn into something I actually put time and effort into, let alone something that provides me with extra spending money. I’ve been enjoying the ride ever since day one!

Describe your style in 3 words.

Comfortable, Neutral, From-Target


Where do you get your style inspiration?

The aisles of Target. Okay, you were probably looking for a bit more than that weren’t you? Honestly, I’d probably say Pinterest. There’s no better way of finding something you love, being able to locate it online, and then immediately having the option to buy. It’s dangerous but it’s still the best.


What is your favorite thing about living in New York?

Being able to stumble into a bar on just about every street in the city. Oh, and being able to order take out at all hours of the night.


What is one regional trend you notice that may not be as prominent in other regions? New-York-2013-Fall-fashion-week-street-style

People in New York City are pretty ballsy when it comes to fashion. You’ll see just about every trend out there, sometimes all on one person. It’s pretty cold here during this time of the year and most of us don’t drive, so instead of dropping money on gas we tend to spend it on our winter coats. You’ll see some extravagantly priced ensembles strutting down the street.


What is the biggest difference between living in upstate New York and NYC?

Everything under the sun is different here than it is upstate. From the pace of the people walking down the street, to the fashion, to the noises at night. I went from falling asleep to crickets and croaking frogs to sirens and drunk homeless men screaming profanities outside my window.


What is your favorite NYC Christmastime attraction?

Oh my word, NYC in Christmas time. There seriously is nothing better. I try to steer clear of the majority of tourists just because it gets a little too crazy for my liking, but I do love walking down 5th Avenue and checking out all of the decorated window displays. You also can’t go wrong wandering around Rockafeller Center. But if you want to skate you should probably head over to Bryant Park for a shorter wait time.



What is on your holiday wishlist this year?

A new Longchamp tote since I’ve been carrying my current one every day for about three years now and it’s starting to get a little grimy. I can thank the subway system for that.


What is your favorite piece of jewelry you own and why?

That would easily be my white, oversized chronographic watch from Michael Kors. I wear that baby with just about everything and I feel naked without it. And yes, I consider watches jewelry.



What is one winter trend you think people should stay away from?

Oversized florals. I just can’t get on board with looking like a walking garden.


What is your favorite piece from right now?


I have always loved wishbones. My grandmother bought my mom one for Christmas a few years ago and then my mom bought me one a year after that so they hold a special place in my heart. I’m loving the wishbone pendant in gold on the site right now. It’s just so dainty and simple!


To keep up with Erin’s adventures in the city, be sure to follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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