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In the latest stop on our virtual style road trip across America, Illinois’ Lacey Orr, style blogger behind Sunny and Turquoise, gives us a virtual style tour of the Windy City. Read on to learn about Lacey’s style inspiration, Chicago style, and some awesome tips for staying stylish on a budget!

Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you get into blogging? Lacey-Illinois

I started out blogging by reading a few other blogs with a similar style to mine and thinking, why couldn’t I do that? I hate working out and I can mess a peanut butter and jelly recipe up, but I am a fantastic shopper, if I do say so myself. Blogging gave me a hobby and a way to document my style journey.


Describe your style in 3 words.

Chic, colorful, affordable


Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

At times it is what I see in magazines, blogs, or on Pinterest, but at the end of the day I get inspiration from being in my own closet. I usually pick out one piece I want to style, create that day’s outfit around it, and mix and match from there. That could be a pair of shoes, a statement necklace, or a pair of my favorite colored skinny jeans.


What do you like most about living in Illinois?

I have a love/hate relationship with Illinois. I really only dislike the fact that there aren’t palm trees, an ocean, and consistently warm temps. I grew up in Central Illinois, where I appreciate the small things like everyone being friendly to strangers, open country roads, and having the chance to experience all four seasons.


Are there any regional trends you notice that may not be as prominent in other parts of the country? furvest

Not necessarily a trend per say, but because Chicago can be chillier one minute and warm and sunny the next, we get to layer fun pieces more than my friends scattered throughout the southern states at the moment. Chunky cable knit sweaters, fur vests, heavier boots, flannels, and so on. I’m enjoying getting a head start on wearing all of these fun trends, but in a few weeks I’m sure I’ll be whining about the freezing temperatures and be longing for summer dresses.


How would you describe Chicago style?

I would say Street-Style Chic– individuals who are constantly on the go and need to be dressed in a style that will take them from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.


What is your favorite local attraction?

Honestly, it would be the United Center simply because the Chicago Bulls play there. It’s nothing glamorous, but I absolutely love to go there to catch a game and cheer them on. Besides the obvious Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah is my favorite player to watch. I throw on my Rose jersey and have lost my voice a time or two.


Any tips for staying stylish on a budget?

1. I always hit the sale racks big at the end of the season. This means stocking up on shorts at the end of summer, sweaters at the end of winter, and so on. It might be a nuisance, but you will thank yourself when the appropriate season comes back around for your finds.

2. I never go on “shopping sprees.” I don’t go shopping all at once and say I’m going to spend a certain dollar amount and find everything on my checklist, because those would probably be the days where I don’t find a single good deal or settle on something that isn’t my all-time favorite. I acquire things here and there throughout the month or season to collectively add to my wardrobe rather than trying to get it all at once.

3. I shop the kids’ section (primarily at Target) like it is no one’s business. I know it’s not going to fit all sizes, but an XL in kids’ tops is typically a medium in the women’s department. For shorts, a size 16 could be a 4 or 6 in most cases. I also purchase their shoes, leggings, etc.


What is your favorite piece of jewelry you own and why?

brz10268I’m a big fan of turquoise, obviously, and I love anything vintage and unique that you won’t see everywhere. My grandma passed down two small, vintage cuff bracelets to me that are simple, beautiful, and perfect for mixing in with my newer pieces.





nl11389_goldvermeilWhat is your favorite piece from right now? 

Definitely the Gold Vermeil Monogrammed Necklace. You can never, ever have enough monogrammed items on you.


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