The Meaning of ‘Anam Cara’

anam-caraAnam Cara is a Celtic spiritual term, literally translated from Gaelic as “Soul (anam) Friend (cara).” Traditionally, this phrase refers to one who is a spiritual advisor, teacher, or mentor. According to the Celtiv spiritual tradition, an anam cara is developed when you connect with another individual and become completely open and trusting with that person. Your souls are said to then flow together in a deep bond, and that person is then your “soul friend.” Your anam cara understands you and accepts you for who you are, awakening your life and allowing you to live to your full potential.

Anam Cara is often confused for the English term “soul mate,” describing a true love. However, you can have an anam cara without a romantic relationship. An anam cara is a sort of spiritual best friend; this can be tied to a romantic relationship as well, though.

rg10234“Anam Cara” is a popular phrase to be engraved on meaningful pieces of jewelry. Many pieces are often engraved with “mo anam cara”, or my soul friend and given to their spiritual other half as a sentimental gift. Anam cara jewelry makes a great gift for birthdays or “just because” non-occasions.

Do you have a soul friend? Why not deepen your bond with a tangible display of your spiritual relationship.



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