Sparkling Across America: Pennsylvania

SAA-PennsylvaniaCaitlin Sweeney loves to shop her way through Philadelphia area boutiques. Her knowledge on a wide variety of styles, designers and trends made her the perfect person to represent Pennsylvania for Sparkling Across America! We chatted with Caitlin about her style inspiration, what you can expect to find shopping in the Philadelphia area, and most importantly her outlet for all of her fab finds, her blog, Cobblestone and Stilettos. Read on for the whole scoop!

Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you begin blogging?


I began blogging in 2010 while working for an SEO company in Old City Philadelphia. I was constantly wandering up and down the old cobblestone street on my breaks and checking out the local boutiques. I started to take photos of the shops and merchandise.  From there I decided to connect the locally owned boutiques and labels they sold.


Describe your style in 3 words.
Boho/sporty/rock n’ roll….is that even possible? Slight mix of Free People and Alternative Apparel. I am a full-fledged, layering, comfort monger!


Where do you get your style inspiration? 
What’s comfortable has always worked is my motto, just throwing in trends here and there to spice things up. Blue is in Fashion this Year is my favorite style blogger/curator. I love checking out her posts for style blogger trends and ideas you can create from your own closet. My favorite designer is Dries Van Noten, with out a doubt. His color, pattern and fabric combinations are drool/dream worthy.


Your blog stands out to me because of its unique graphics within outfit posts. What inspired you to do this sort of collage for each post?
I have a love for graphic design and using my Wacom Tablet to mess around with images and fonts is my my way of expressing my creativity. Lately, I have been trying to stick with the “notebook” handwritten/style for my blog.


What do you like best about living in Pennsylvania?
I grew up several miles from Center City and as I get older, the more I discover what’s outside the city limits. Philly is such a neighborhood/family-driven city and beautiful areas such as Valley Forge are not too far away when trying to get out for some fresh air. But I still love wandering around Old City on crisp autumn days and finding noisy coffee shops like Cafe Ole to do work and relax.
Do you notice any regional trends that aren’t as present in other parts of the country? 
Philly is my definition of a melting pot and we are more known for our sport scene than fashion, so that certainly influences most of their wardrobes. We are broken down into neighborhoods and each has their own flavor. Fishtown and Northern Liberties give off the hipster scene, mixed in with some local urban swag. Center City [has] preps, and the collegiate University City, Fairmount, and Center City district give off “J.Crew” vibes thrown in with some savvy business attire and athletic wear. No one is over the top; no matter what part of the world/nation you are from, you can fit in here.


What is your go-to fall accessory? 
Scarves and boots, hands down. Love a warm and cozy, oversized cardigan like this one from Urban Outfitters.


What’s one fall trend you think people should stay away from? 
Wedge sneakers… I really like the look but not worth investing in.


What’s the best “hidden gem” store in the Philadelphia area?
 The Geisha House in Old City for women’s trends, 1500 Below Vintage for vintage, and Swag Boutique in Northern Liberties for jewelry.


What is your favorite piece of jewelry you own?
For sentimental reasons, a set of pearl earrings, especially since I rarely wear them.


What is your favorite piece from right now? 
This eye bracelet, slightly urban/Egyptian with chill influence from the runways this season. Definitely need the matching necklace as well!



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