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As a graduate of FIT with a vast industry background including buyer, merchandiser, and stylist, Ashley Jordan knows fashion. And as a native of Portland, Maine, and blogger behind Sweet William, we’re counting on her to give us the inside scoop into northern New England fashion. We chatted with Ashley, who gave us everything we needed to know about experimenting with runway style, the hottest trends for fall, and much more. Read on as we Sparkle Across America!



Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you become interested in blogging? 

I am originally from Portland, Maine. I went to FIT and lived in New York City and loved every minute of it there. After school I moved back to Maine. It was a few years later, after being stuck in an uninspiring job, that I came up with my blog. I finally left my job for one where I was able to show off my style and actually wear what I wanted. After years of collecting pieces that I was never able to wear, I came up with the idea of not wearing the same outfit or buying anything new for 30 days. I decided to use a blog as a way to document it. Thirty days was easy. I did it for a year.


Describe your style in 3 words.

Always changing, experimenting.


Where do you get your style inspiration?

Everywhere. On the street, magazines, blogs, vintage. It is easy to find inspiration wherever you are as long as your mind is open.


You have a very wide fashion background. What is your favorite thing about fashion?

Being able to have experience in multiple parts of the fashion world has given me a lot more knowledge and understanding of how all parts work together. I love being able to work with the clothes, whether styling or in-store merchandising, but I also like knowing the customer and using that in the buying aspect. My absolute favorite part of fashion is teaching other people how to use clothes to express who they are and build confidence.


What is the hottest fall trend you’re seeing, and what trend can we expect to be huge in winter?

I always get excited for fall fashion. It is all about layering and finding the perfect boot. There is a continued look of that ’90s grunge, which I personally love (denim and flannel!), as well as an athletic feel. And you really can’t go anywhere without seeing a crew neck graphic sweatshirt.

As for the winter, it is all about coats. Oversized, boxy, menswear inspired. In the cold weather, it is so important to find one that looks great because that may be the only thing most people see you in.


Do you notice any regional trends that may not be as prominent in other parts of the country?

Cable knit and stripes can be seen everywhere.


How would you describe New England style if you had to generalize it?

It is a bit nautical and a bit preppy. Being right on the water, you can’t help but take inspiration from it. In recent seasons, you have seen a lot of the practical everyday/work wear of this area hit runways as current fashion trends. It is nice to see such classic pieces take on a high fashion look.


How do you turn runway fashion into everyday fashion?

For a lot of runway looks, to make them actually work for everyday, you have to take only one or two pieces or ideas from the look. Take a color palette or style of pant or neckline and use that. But for some looks, or if you are feeling daring, it’s fun to go for the whole thing! I love to use thrift finds and things I may already have to recreate the looks at a fraction of the price! For me, it is really the thrill of the hunt and being able to create a high fashion look for as little money as possible.


What is your go-to fall accessory?

Boots (booties, riding, over-the-knee) and a great leather bag.


What is your favorite piece of jewelry you own and why?

A gold bracelet that was my great grandmother’s. I am the only one out of my mom and sister that has a small enough hand for it to fit over. It is simple, so I can always wear it and still looks good layered with other pieces.


What is your favorite piece from right now?

I love the Glamorous 5 Row Choker Necklace. I love how Rihanna wears a similar style with a t-shirt and looks super badass.



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