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Kristen Uekermann is the Boston Fashionista. She’s not only up-to-date with the hottest styles, she’s a proponent of local New England entrepreneurs. As showcased in her blog, The Boston Fashionista, her style is an edgy twist on classic, and she told us all about it as the final feature in our best bloggers summer Q&A series! Read on for the full scoop.


Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you begin blogging? 

I manage a basic science research department at a local university. Wait? Not what you expected? Well, I love my day job, but there’s not a lot of fashion or style in my work life. I began The Boston Fashionista in March 2011 to try to learn more about New England design, style and fashion and the local people in these industries.


Describe your style in 3 words.

Next Generation Brahmin


Where do you get your style inspiration?

I love classic pieces and shapes made modern with interesting fabrics and unusual patterns and colors. Alternatively, I love modern styles in very basic neutrals. A like things a little bit classic, and little bit edgy.


Boston has a very large blogger community. What do you like most about being a part of it?

I’m so glad you asked this! The very best thing about being a blogger is meeting other people – it’s funny, because there’s this misconception that blogging is a solitary endeavor. Meeting local designers, fashion entrepreneurs, journalists, stylists and other bloggers was my goal from the moment I began blogging, and in that regard, the blog has been an incredible success. I am so thankful for the good friends who have come into my life through blogging.


What is your go-to summer accessory?

My ECCO Owen sandals. They go with everything, and they are the only heels that I can wear strolling down cobblestone streets (yes, really)!


What is your favorite piece of jewelry you own and why?

Outside of my wedding ring and gifts from my grandmothers, my favorite piece is an Elsa Peretti initial necklace. I had wanted one forever, and my husband surprised me with it one Christmas.  He’s not a “jewelry guy,” so I knew it had been laborious for him to get it, and he really went out of his way to surprise me.


 What is your favorite store in Boston?

Trader Joe’s!


What is your favorite vacation spot?

Anywhere I’ve never been… although if we are going hog wild, I’d really like to see Easter Island!


What is the hottest style trend you’ve seen this summer and what are you doing with it? 

I’m happy that leather continues to be a trend – it’s fun wearing it in unexpected cuts, like leather tanks and shorts.


What’s one trend you think people should stay away from?

Toss those high-low skirts and animal sweaters and tees. Hey, I wore ‘em, they were cute, but now it is time to them let go!



What is your favorite piece from EvesAddiction.com this summer?

This engraveable ID bracelet reminds me on one I had as a little girl – it’s one of those pieces that will look sophisticated on it’s own, or funky stacked with other bracelets!



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