UK Style: Q&A with Lorna Burford of Raindrops of Sapphire

Lorna Burford is a personal style blogger from the UK with a passion for denim and a style all her own. For this installment of our summer blogger interview series, we’re crossing the pond to chat with Lorna about her style inspiration, UK summer fashion trends, and what’s hot this summer. Read on for more!


Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you get into blogging?


“I’m Lorna, I’m 25, I am actually from the countryside of England and I have been blogging in general for about just over 5 years now. I started my own blog Raindrops of Sapphire in March 2010 as a place to have creative freedom. I wanted to share my likes in fashion with others who felt the same and it was somewhere I could interact with others as well as share my personal style.”

Describe your style in 3 words.

“This is actually tough because my style changes quite a lot. I wouldn’t say I had one specific style as such though, sometimes I like to wear a lot of black and some more tougher pieces, while other times I like girly dresses. In general I would describe it as pretty classic though, I love to wear skinny jeans, blazers and heels most of the time. A ‘classic casual chic’ style if I had to put it into 3 words? It’s always such a tough question for me!”


Where do you get your style inspiration?

“All over the place actually. I don’t have one specific place where I get inspiration. It can be from other style bloggers, celebs, magazines, people on the street or even just from seeing pieces online or in shops, they inspire me. I might see something like a top on someone in the street, then I might see a pair of shoes in the shops and I would be inspired by both pieces to put them together to create something new. I can get inspired by anything and most of the time it’s usually from something I am thinking.”


How did you transition from a tomboy to a fashion conscious woman?

“I am actually not 100% sure how I did this. I was a huge tomboy as a kid, I even wore boys clothing, played football (that’s the English kind of football, so soccer), rode skateboards and did everything that boys did, but then slowly as time went on I guess I started to introduce a few more girly pieces into my closet. I have always been quite fashion conscious because even as a tomboy, I liked to make sure things looked OK on me and I would still be into designing clothes. It never happened overnight though, I just grew up a lot mentally and my style followed closely behind it.”


What is your go-to summer accessory?

Bracelets! During the summer months you will always find my wrists covered in bracelets. When it’s hot outside and I’m in dresses or denim shorts most of the time, I tend to fill my wrists with pretty bracelets and bangles with my watches to compensate for the lack of colour and clothing. I like a lot of accessories to keep my arms busy! I don’t like things to be too minimal and plain.”


What is your best summer beauty tip?

“Always wear sunscreen! I never leave the house in summer without wearing sunscreen. It’s such an important part of a beauty routine to keep your skin from burning and getting damaged.”


uk_flagDo you notice any significant differences between summer style trends in the UK and the US?

“I do actually because of the weather. In England we don’t get much of a summer time (although we have a freak heatwave currently lol) so our trends usually centre around cami tops and shorts or dresses because we can’t cope with the heat. Minimal and bare clothing is usually what’s worn here, where as in the US you guys are much more used to the heat, especially in LA, so I notice your outfits are much more chic. More layered and they have more of a boho vibe to them. If it’s not a heat wave here, then you usually find us Brits in jeans and long sleeved tops! If we both had similar weather, I don’t think the style and trends would vary too much though.”


What is your favorite piece of jewelry you own and why?

“This is tough! Can I include a watch in this? If so, it would be my Marc by Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Blade Chrono watch. I absolutely love it and wear it all the time. If not, it would probably be my Baccarat droplet crystal necklace from my boyfriend for Christmas. It literally looks like a raindrop of sapphire with more colours in it. It’s stunning! I’m often afraid to wear it though in case I damage it. I also have a ring that I wear ALL the time. I never take it off. It’s a Paloma heart shaped ring in silver with a pink sapphire in the middle, this was also given to me by my boyfriend early on in our relationship. If I can state another piece though, it’s an Adele Marie pink Swarovski crystal bangle I bought from Harrods in London. I have so much jewellery it’s so hard to choose just one piece!”


What is one summer trend you think people should stay away from?

“Super short shorts! I’m often seeing girls out now in denim shorts which are so short that their butt cheeks are half hanging out the bottom. They are shorter than underwear and I don’t think this trend ever looks good! I personally don’t really want to see peoples butts on display lol.”


What is your favorite piece from this summer?

“This is really hard! There are so many amazing pieces on there. I generally like sailor inspired jewellery so the anchor necklaces are sweet, but I do like the pink beaded wrap bracelets too!”




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