Make a Statement with Personalized Statement Necklaces

nl11247Statement necklaces have been a prominent theme across the fashion blogosphere in recent months, but an even more interesting style is necklaces that (literally) make a statement. A large red bubble necklace may pop, but chunky necklaces are not the only way to make a statement. A gold vermeil necklace donning the word “Scandalous” is more likely to act as a conversation starter!

Many people have been taking the classic script nameplate necklace (which owes its rise in popularity to the fictional Carrie Bradshaw of “Sex and the City”) and customizing them with their own one-word statement message. Take the “Scandalous” necklace for example. This piece doesn’t don a name, per se (though with the rise of crazy celebrity baby names, it may not be long before it does!), but it takes a nameplate necklace style and is personalized all the same.



You can use the creative liberty that comes with personalized jewelry to create a custom statement necklace that best fits your personality. New mom? What about a “mommy” necklace? With all of the options that personalized nameplate necklaces have to offer, the pendant is your canvas.





Not feeling creative? Or having trouble deciding on what statement you’d like to make with your jewelry? There are plenty of pre-designed options, like a “kiss” cubic zirconia necklace that mixes sassy and sweet.

Want to make a statement? Start designing your own statement necklace today! Click here to browse designs.



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