Q+A with Beaus and Bows blogger Tara Joy

Our summer interview series continues! We’re still chatting with some of our favorite bloggers about the hottest summer trends and beauty advice, and this week we got to speak with Tara Joy of the beauty and lifestyle blog Beaus and Bows. Read on as Tara gives us the scoop on her summer beauty routine, her style inspiration, and her favorite summer accessories.

Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you begin blogging

I started blogging very fearfully. One day last summer I just looked at my beau and said “I want to start a blog so I can talk about makeup and clothes with people who will actually understand what I’m talking about. This is my idea for a blog name, please don’t laugh.” And yeah, it was that awkward and serious. I fell in love with watching Youtube makeup videos and I had a list of 30+ blogs I read everyday. I wanted a slice of that internet cake for myself so I decided to give it a shot.



Describe your style in 3 words.
Hmm. Classic, sassy, and comfortable.


Where do you get your fashion inspiration?
Everywhere. Other blogs, magazines, and movies. My favorite site for when I’m in a fashion rut is thepolyvorecollection.tumblr.com. There’s a little bit of every style perspective on there.


Why the fascination with bows?
When I was little, I’m talking ages 3-6, I wanted to wear boys clothes. I got some cool hand me downs like osh kosh dungarees and jeans from my older brother and male cousins. I wanted to live in them. Growing up in New York, all of the kids I played with wore jeans – not dresses. I spent a lot of time with my grandparents while my parents worked and went to school. My grandma was a seamstress and she used to make me tons of dresses with matching bows, headbands, and socks. As I grew up I started embracing my girly side. Bows are just really classic and always remind me of where I came from.


What’s your favorite summer treat?
Two words: Frozen. Yogurt. Especially from the self serve places where you put all the toppings on. No matter what the flavor is I always put Nerds and Cinnamon Toast Crunch on.


What’s your best summer beauty routine?
I’ve been using the Victoria’s Secret makeup primer/setting spray and I surprisingly love it. Favorite base goes to the MAC Face and Body foundation, which I just raved about not too long ago. To keep the oil at bay, I’ve been using the Palladio rice powder to set my foundation. I don’t like a lot of liner in the summer so I’ve been sticking to Venus, Walk of Shame, Naked 2, and Faint from the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette for a subtle, matte look. I’m loving the Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion mascara in the waterproof formula. Lashes for days. On my lips I’m loving something sheer like the Revlon Lip Butter in Watermelon. My favorite polish is Essie’s e-nuf is e-nuf. It’s a corally red that looks great on tan skin.


What’s your go-to summer accessory?
I have been loving wearing my hair up, so I’m going to have to say earrings. Pearls and statement studs are my favorite. They just look really clean.


er10496What is the best bargain you’ve ever gotten?

Oh jeez. Well I’ve gotten some pretty amazing deals on designer pieces in the past, but I think one of the best bargains I’ve ever gotten was my favorite pair of Gap jeans. They were $70 jeans and thanks to Black Friday and a 15% coupon they ended up being $7.00. Score!


What’s your favorite piece of jewelry you own?
My favorite piece of jewelry has to be this typewriter key necklace my beau gave me for Christmas. It’s dainty and I love the personalized “T.”


What’s a style you think people should stay away from this summer?
As far as the trends go, I’d say steer clear of dark, graphic prints. I’ve seen a lot of oxblood, graphic print pencil skirts recently that have me cringing. It’s summer time! Enjoy the bright colors while you can. But when it comes down to it, wear whatever makes you happy.


What’s your favorite item from EvesAddiction.com this summer?silver_baltic_amber_pendantI am in absolute love with the Oval Cut Sterling Silver Baltic Amber Pendant. I love silver or white gold and I think amber is something really timeless. Plus the pendant is really basic and perfect for layering if that’s your thing.


A big thanks to Tara for chatting with us! To keep up with Tara, check out her Beaus and Bows blog or follow her on Twitter!


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