Pandora Compatible Charms: The Designer Look for Less

Pandora revolutionized charm bracelets when it introduced its interchangeable beaded charm bracelets in 2000. The personalized bead charm bracelet phenomenon exploded from there, new beads being produced for every occasion and milestone, in silver, gold, and Murano glass. The meaning of Pandora charms is one of the main reasons they became such a hot gift item–no need to worry about what size, color, or design to choose when buying the beads as a gift. A charm buyer could buy a bead as a gift based solely on its meaning.


How much are Pandora bracelet charms?

Herein lies the problem with the popular name brand. A basic sterling silver bracelet with the Pandora clasp starts at $65. Even the leather cord bracelets start at $40. Authentic Pandora charms add up quickly as well, the least expensive silver charm starting at $25. At the upper end of the Pandora spectrum are gold charms that run as high as $845 per piece. What’s a fan of the style to do on a limited budget? Fortunately, as with most big jewelry trends, more affordable alternatives to the Pandora bracelet have surfaced. Biagi, Chamilia, and Troll brands have all created their Pandora-alternative lines, and while their prices do hover under Pandora’s range, it still costs hundreds of dollars to complete a bracelet. Luckily for charm bracelet fans, there are even more affordable alternatives.


Oriana bracelet with lobster clasp, $12

Oriana bracelet with lobster clasp, $12

Oriana Bracelets & Charms Oriana bracelets and beads are the perfect, affordable alternative to Pandora and the like. Best of all, the beads are not only as personalized as Pandora, but they are super cheap! Starting at just $7.95 per bead, Oriana’s rhodium-plated brass beads come over 600 styles, from sports to zodiac symbols to birthstone¬†beads and much, much more. Not to worry if you or someone you’re buying a gift for has already started a Pandora, Biagi, or similar bracelet. Both Pandora bracelets and charms for Pandora bracelets are fully compatible with Oriana! With an increasing number of retired Pandora charms and a decreasing number of retailers carrying Pandora beads, it can be difficult to fulfill your Pandora bracelet ideas. With Oriana, however, you can build your own bead bracelet, necklace, or watch nl10652Oriana beads and bracelets let you customize your look with an enormous selection of ¬†glass, CZ, enameled, dangling, and classic charm beads to get the look you love for the price you love even, with charms starting at under $10 each!


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