Q&A with Maria of Dainty & Decadent: How to Get A Flawless Summer Style!

Fashion blogger, Maria, of Dainty and Decadent, shared with Eve’s Addiction her trendy seasonal look, offering style tips on what she thinks is the best way to accessorize for this summer!

If you are looking for a flawless go-to look with a lot of color and accents, this article is the perfect read for you! Find out how Maria accessorizes for a day at the office or for a day to the beach and learn what she thinks everyone MUST HAVE this summer.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What made you decide to start such an adorable fashion blog?

Although I had been thinking about starting my blog for about two years, it wasn’t until recently that I pulled the trigger and started blogging.  I realized that I was about to enter into the final year of my “20s” (eek!) and I wanted to do something that I had always wanted to do which was have a creative outlet.

Tell us what you think the hottest hue of the season is and what you are doing with it.

Neon is a big trend right now but I’m in a very committed love affair with mint right now!  I love pairing my mint jeans and mint cardigan with stripes.


Year after year, your go-to summer accessory is always:         Sunglasses!


Attorney by day, fashion blogger by night! How do you accessorize for a day at the office?

I accessorize with statement necklaces.  If I know I have to be in court, necklaces are perfect because I can wear the standard black skirt suit but wear a statement necklace to add something interesting to an otherwise ordinary outfit.


What is the biggest style trend you are seeing for this summer season?

It’s a trend that I love and it’s layering bracelets…lots of ‘em! 

We see that in your next life you want to be an Anna Wintour, Victoria Beckham, or Rachel Zoe. What kind of fashion inspiration do you find from these trendy ladies?

I am drawn to classic and tailored looks which I feel all these women do really well.  They inspire me to be successful in life and look great while working hard at the same time.


Is there anyone else besides those three women that you have seen with exceptional summer style so far?

Olivia Palermo is another one of my style icons.  To me, her look is always flawless.


This summer, everyone should have:

A cute pair of sandals.


If you could tell the world one thing about summer fashion in general, what would it be?

That it shouldn’t be fussy.  In the summertime, you can get away with wearing a cute sundress and flip flops but it’s the accessories that are going to tie it all together.


Pretend your husband surprises you with a long weekend trip last minute and you can only pack a small duffle bag. What are the essential items that you would choose!? (Besides the basics of course!)

Hopefully, he’s taking me to the beach, so I would bring a flowy sundress, big pair of sunglasses, cute sandals, dainty necklace, a couple of bangles, and a swimsuit, of course!


Are there any styles you are seeing that you would suggest staying away from?

Although it may work for others, bubble hem shirts and dresses just do not work for me!


Because I can’t help myself, what is your favorite item for this summer from EvesAddiction.com?!

This is a hard question!  I’m drawn to the monogram necklaces because it is my favorite necklace I own and I REALLY want it in rose gold (hint hint hubby!) but I also really love the Turquoise Gold CZ Studded Wrap Around Watch.  I think the color is so in trend and works with all outfits!


Maria resides in North Central Florida with her high school sweetheart and hubby and their pet miniature dachshund. Maria loves her job as an attorney but explains she would love to be fashion icon in her next life. Maria shares her style advice through her very own creative outlet, her Dainty and Decadent blog! You can also find Maria on Pinterest, Twitter, and Statigram.  


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