Q&A with Justin of Munrowe: How to Get a Classic Look With a Twist!

Fashion blogger, Justin, of Munrowe, shared his fashion advice for both men and women with Eve’s Addiction, offering what he defines as fashion and what styles he does NOT approve of! If you are looking for a “classic look with a twist,” this is the perfect article for you! Find out how Justin accessorizes for himself and for his clients, to achieve the look for less!


Tell us a little bit about yourself. What made you decide to start a blog?

I was raised in a very style-barren town in Mississippi with little to no access to fashion inspiration. I have a unique voice that straddles the aesthetics of my small-town ideals and my big-city lifestyle. Last December, I started Munrowe as a way to infuse my voice into the void I saw in the digital sphere. I aim to inspire like-minded style-obsessed guys (and gals!) looking for a platform catering to unique voices.


Tell us what you think the hottest trend is for men this summer.

I’ve seen a lot of style-conscious guys sporting monochromatic looks of the neutral or pastel variety. There has also been an influx of color-blocking in single articles or in a ‘piece vs. piece’ nature.


Year after year, your go-to summer accessory is always:

Classic neutral brogues with no-show socks. This year, I’ve been loving on a neon sole.


I see that you offer personal shopping services. How do you help clients accessorize for the look for less?

My specialty when working with clients is presenting a proper high-low mixture for a variety of budgets. My tip? The best kinds of low-priced jewelry comes from the flea markets and jewelry bazaars in the City. We’ll go and have a heyday trying on cool (and inexpensive!) reclaimed pieces.


We think you have great taste. Where are you pulling all of your fashion inspiration from?

I really find inspiration in one of two places. I love fashion history and make an adventure out of modernizing classic looks I see in vintage photographs. I also take style notes from the street style icons I adore – which is a list too long to name.


Is there anyone you have seen with exceptional style this summer?

Even if we weren’t close friends, I truly think Anthony Urbano & Dustin Tyler Moore of Closet Freaks have such an effortlessly cool East Coast style. They nail it every time in looks that are accessible for the average guy looking to up the ante on his style game. Also, Ryan Gosling has been bringing the A-Game this summer.


This summer, every guy should have:

A go-to set of earthy, stackable bracelets. I really love Chan Luu, Sisco + Berluti and Miansai for classic essentials.


If you could tell the world one thing about fashion in general, what would it be?

Personal style is yours and yours forever. It’s an expression of who you are, regardless of the passing trends, fading fashions or arbitrary opinions. Never lose sight of what’s inside because the outside will continue to change.


Pretend your friend surprises you with a long-weekend summer getaway to the country side and you only have limited time to pack. What are the five most important things you will bring with you to wear? (Besides the basics of course!)

Nautical long-sleeve tee, denim cut-off shorts, well-worn vintage band tee, white oxford shirt and olive green trousers. (Bonus: I’d also have to bring my Boostcase charger… because I can’t leave home without a backup battery for my iPhone!)


Are there any styles throughout the year that you see men wearing that you would recommend staying away from?

I am a big advocate of casual shoes NOT being worn in public – flip flops, Crocs, those weird amphibian shoes that show your toes. These honestly should only be worn around the house. Also, I do wish guys knew how to find properly-fitted jeans and trousers. I can’t help but cringe when I see an unintentional drop-crotch jean.


Because I can’t help myself, what is your current favorite men’s jewelry piece from EvesAddiction.com?!

Oh wow! It was hard to choose but I’d have to say it is definitely the Sterling Silver Bali Bracelet – it’s ‘classic with a twist’ which is exactly my style.



Justin resides in New York City where he shares his style advice through his blog, Munrowe and offers services including private client styling, wardrobe consultations and planning, special occasion shopping, mystery shopping, and personal shopping. You can also find him on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google +, and Blog Lovin.


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