Q&A with Tulle and Trinkets: Summer 2012 Fashion Tips

Twenty-something Tulle and Trinkets blogger, Sarah, took the time to chat with Eve’s Addiction about summer fashion, inspiration, style and more… And boy did we have fun!

Read on to see how Sarah shops on a budget, who the classic beauties are that inspire her and why short is sometimes not so sweet. And although she might get terribly seasick, she still tells us how to pack to impress on a summer cruise as part of the EvesAddiction.com Interview Series.


What is the biggest style trend you are seeing for this summer season?

Besides bright and bold colors, maxi dresses and skirts are a big trend. I love maxis because they’re comfortable, flattering, and modest without being too stuffy.

Tell us what you think the hottest hue of the season is and what you are doing with it.

The hottest hue this season has to be Tangerine Tango. I’ve never really considered orange to be my best color, but I have a couple coral-hued sundresses and flowy tank tops that are so summery and breezy. Orange looks great paired with gold jewelry and accessories.

Year after year, your go-to summer accessory is always:

Gold jewelry! During summer, I tend to wear more gold bangles and necklaces. During winter, I gravitate toward silver jewelry more.

This summer, everyone should have:

A breezy sundress! There’s nothing more comfortable.

I see you are inspired by Audrey Hepburn, Edie Sedgwick, and Blair Waldorf. What is it about these women that inspire you and are there any other celebs you draw style inspiration from?

I’m inspired by Audrey and Blair because they’re classic beauties. Audrey in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is a favorite of mine. And although Blair is a fictional character, she’s inspired by Audrey, too. There are lots of dream scenes in “Gossip Girl” where Blair’s living some Holly Golightly-esque scene. And Blair Waldorf has a dream closet! She’s definitely always keeping up appearances.

Edie’s a lot different than Blair and Audrey. I’ve always been inspired by 60s mod fashion. She was a trendsetter (wearing dancewear as street wear and that dark, painted-on eye makeup). Her story is a bit of a tragic one – I really recommend reading her biography!

I get style inspiration from Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port, Taylor Swift, and bloggers like Emily Schuman, Cupcakes and Cashmere.

Who has the hottest summer style so far this season that you have seen?

Olivia Palermo always looks great, and she’s had some really nice looks this summer.

With barbeques, picnics, and fun in the sun in mind, how would you accessorize for a weekend gathering?

Ahhh, summer. These types of outdoor gatherings make summer my favorite time of year. For a weekend in the sun, I’d accessorize with gold bangles, thin, stacked gold rings, and my go-to “Mrs” necklace. I love to let my hair air-dry when it’s hot out, so I always have a bounty of clips to pile it up in a top knot. I also love to carry an oversized boho-satchel for a weekend of fun.

Are there any styles you are seeing that you would suggest staying away from?

Anything that’s too short.

If you could tell the world one thing about summer fashion in general, what would it be?

Relax a little bit! Let your hair air dry, pare down your makeup, wear a simple sundress and some comfy sandals.

Pretend you’re going on a cruise for a summer getaway and can only bring 5 items (besides the basics of course)! What are they?!

I get terribly seasick, so Dramamine would have to be one – haha. Other than that, a bright bikini for swimming, a breezy white coverup, a turquoise blue maxi for evening, a straw beach bag, and some tortoise sunglasses!

When it comes to jewelry, is less more or is more, more. Or does it depend on the day?

For me, less is more. I always wear my wedding rings and my “Mrs” necklace. Then, I usually add one or two things: a right-hand ring and a fun bracelet. However, I do admire those girls who have a knack for stacking and laying bold jewelry!

On your blog, you talk about loving fashion but being on a twenties something budget. What is the best piece of advice you give to others who are in the same situation?

Within the past few years, I’ve definitely changed my outlook on shopping. During college and for a year or so after I had a tendency to shop a lot, but it was at inexpensive stores that sell trendy, but poorly made clothes.

I don’t shop as much now and when it comes to basics that I wear again and again, I invest a little bit more cash. These basics are great because you can mix them up and wear them over and over. When it comes to really trendy pieces that are in one season, out the next, I don’t spend as much money on them.

Because I can’t help myself, what is your favorite item from EvesAddiction.com?!

It’s so hard to pick just one! I love this nameplate necklace – it’s so Carrie Bradshaw!

nl10587.jpg Simple Script Gold Plated Custom Nameplate Necklace

Sarah started her blog Tulle and Trinkets after her wedding last October to keep busy after the consuming wedding planning was done. But she wasn’t always into fashion. It wasn’t until college when she lived in a sorority and got to experience lots of clothes-sharing that she became interested.

She lives in Indianapolis with her husband, Chris, and their two cats, Hermes and Nikki where she is a copy writer and editor. A HUGE thanks to Sarah for sharing her tips and tricks with us!

You can also find Sarah on Twitter.


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