Q&A with Classic Glam Blog: Summer 2012 Fashion Tips

Classic Glam Blog photoHalle of Classic Glam Blog chatted with Eve’s Addiction Blog about fashion, celebs, summer 2012, yummy food and so much more! And we are so happy she did!

Read who inspires Halle’s fashion style, why wrap bracelets are ideal for the beach and what she really thinks of crop tops as part of the EvesAddiction.com Interview Series.


Tell us a little about yourself and your blog. How did you get into Fashion?

I started my blog because I wanted an outlet. I wanted to share my ideas and tips! I never really remember “getting” into fashion if you know what I mean—I always enjoyed walking around stores with my mom, and always loved the idea of shopping and clothing. I think what attracted me the most was the creativity of it all.


What is the biggest style trend you are seeing for this summer season?

Most definitely bright colors and arm candy!


Tell us what you think the hottest hue of the season is and what you are doing with it.

I love that word “hue” 🙂 This season’s hottest color would have to be orange! This summer, I am looking forward to adding more colors in one outfit- so I will be incorporating with brighter colors, especially orange.


Year after year, your go-to summer accessory is always:

Pearl earrings!


This summer, everyone should have:

At least a couple of bracelets that they can mix & match with.


With swim suits, water, sand and sun tan lotion in mind, how would you accessorize for a day at the beach?

I would add some arm candy in fun colors. One of my favorites are wrap bracelets. I own a turquoise silk wrap with small beads, and I absolutely love it. These are perfect to wear to a beach because you don’t have to worry about getting them wet, and they’re very versatile too!

br10644.jpg_Chen Rai Turquoise bead Wrap Bracelet

 Pretend you’re going away for a fun summer weekend and can only bring 5 items (besides the basics of course)! What are they?!

I would bring a thin silk scarf (these are super versatile), a summer dress in a bright color, a unique pair of sandals, a floppy hat (totally glam!), & some colorful bottoms!


What celeb do you get the most inspiration from in terms of style?

I like Blake Lively’s style (most of the time) and look at her style for something a little more edgy and unique, & I am also inspired by Kate Middleton’s feminine and classic fashion. Blake Lively also has some fabulous outfits out there!


Who has the hottest summer style so far this season that you have seen?

Olivia Palermo! I love her put together looks & distinctive pieces.


Are there any styles you are seeing that you would suggest staying away from?

This is just me- but I don’t really not like the crop tops trend unless you’re going to the beach. Also the shirts that go way off the shoulder I don’t really think are cute for an everyday basis 🙂


I see some yummy recipes on your blog! What one is your favorite for this summer – and what accessory do you wear while making it J

I have so many! It’s so hard for me to pick one out. However, I do have a huge sweet tooth, so one I think I’ll be making more than once this summer is this Raspberry Buttermilk Cake—in form of cupcakes!


When it comes to jewelry, is less more or is more, more. Or does it depend on the day?

I always believe that less is more. Something simple can always make a bigger statement!


If you could tell the world one thing about summer fashion in general, what would it be?

Summer Fashion is meant to be airy, flowy, and bright. So don’t be afraid to invest in a nice silk shirt and some pretty bright pants!


Because I can’t help myself, what is your favorite item for this summer from EvesAddiction.com?!

Oh my- there’s so many gorgeous things to choose from! I would probably have to say one of their Monogram Necklaces. I’ve always wanted one of these— they’re such a simple piece that we all should have in our jewelry collection. They make a perfect gift, too!

Gold Vermeil Large Custom Monogram Necklace

Classic Glam Blog blogger and student, Halle, does it all – fashion, beautfy, food, shopping giveaways, and more! And she shares all of this with her readers! We are so thankful that Halle took the time to chat with us!!!

You can also find Halle on Twitter.


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  1. Thanks for the fashion tips and tricks for the summer months. It seems like accessories can really tighten up a look.

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