Q&A with beijosTiffany: How to Get a Bold Look While Unleashing Your Ultimate Inner Confidence for Summer 2012

Fashion blogger, Tiffany, of beijosTiffany, revealed her favorite warm weather fashion with Eve’s Addiction, giving tips on what’s hot and what’s NOT this Summer, along the way.

If you want to learn how to get a bold look with a few simple pieces, while unleashing your ultimate inner confidence this summer, this article is just for you. Find out where Tiffany gets her inspiration from and what she’s doing with that inspiration through her summer wardrobe!


What is the biggest style trend you are seeing for this summer season?

Biggest style trend for this summer has to be bold and neon colors. That is all you see on the red carpets, in magazines, blogs, and even commercials. The bright colors just make you feel happy and honestly, who doesn’t want to feel happy?

Tell us what you think the hottest hue of the season is and what you are doing with it.

Neon pink– I’m obsessed with neon pink and honestly can’t get enough of the color. I got a skirt from Old Navy that I would literally wear every day if I could.


Year after year, your go-to summer accessory is always:

Chunky bracelets and bangle bracelets.  In the summer my fingers tend to swell so I never wear rings but I always pile on the bracelets to add pops of color to my outfit.


There are a lot of yummy recipes on your blog. With cool summer breeze, cocktails and a home cooked meal in mind, how would you accessorize for an evening dinner party with your closest friends?

I try to stay simple, comfortable, and chic while at home. So for an evening dinner party with friends I would probably do a maxi dress in bright fun colors, paired with some simple sandals and a light weight sweater for when the temps cool down and we’re sitting in the backyard sipping on cocktails.


Who do you get your fashion inspiration from?

Gosh, fashion inspiration….everyone and everything. From other bloggers to people walking down the street, to fashion magazines, to a flower I see on a walk. I literally get inspiration from everywhere.


Who has the hottest summer style so far this season that you have seen?

Emma Stone by far has the most amazing style. Dressed up or dressed down she is always so classy and on point. She looks exquisite without looking like she tried too hard.

This summer, everyone should have:

At least one bold/neon colored piece of clothing or accessory, something that is unexpected from your normal style. You’ll be surprised how much you will actually wear it.


We love how you mix quotes in with your blog posts. How do you pick those? Do you have a favorite quote?

I usually do a search for a quote on a topic that relates to the outfit post, or sometimes I put up a quote for how I’m feeling that day. I always try to relate to the quote in the post. One of my favorite quotes was a recent one- “You’re a crayon, I’m a highlighter. You may color the world, but I make it BRIGHTER.” I always hope that someone gets inspired or moved by the quote but mostly the quotes are just for me.


Pretend you’re going away for a fun summer weekend and can only bring 5 items (besides the basics of course)! What are they?!

Fun weekend and only 5 items? Considering I always over pack this would be hard but I would bring a white mens’ tshirt (so versatile to layer, tie, or cut up!); neon pink midi skirt; jean cut off shorts, a bright colored tank, and a great pair of flat sandals. With these 5 items you could intermix and create different looks for whatever you end up doing.


In your blog, you write about living in Brazil. Have you drawn any fashion inspiration from your time there?

I haven’t drawn too much fashion inspiration from my time in Brazil, mainly because the clothing was so tiny and risqué that my father made me box it all up when I got home! I was only 18 at the time so it was understandable. Since then though the one thing I always remember and loved most about Brazil and the culture were all the colors in food, fashion, building, landscape and just everyday life. There were so many colors in Brazil that you can’t help but want to wear them.


Are there any styles you are seeing that you would suggest staying away from?

The dreaded bikini/bra top. I think showing that much skin should be reserved for the pool or your bedroom. A little bit of skin is alright with a crop top but I’m turned off by the whole stomach hanging out.


If you could tell the world one thing about summer fashion in general, what would it be?

The one thing I would tell the world about fashion in general-summer, winter, or fall is to always dress for yourself. If you dress for yourself than you will exude confidence and to me confidence is sexy and key to making an outfit work. For summer specific though- be free! Go makeup free, product free, and don’t do your hair. I tend to never wear makeup in the summer.


Because I can’t help myself, what is your favorite item for this summer from EvesAddiction.com?!

For summer I absolutely love The Sparkling Multi Color Kaleidoscope Bracelet.
It embraces everything I love and look for in a summer bracelet.






Tiffany lives in Pennsylvania and enjoys blogging about fashion, food, and photography. She finds inspiration everywhere, especially in natural, simple yet sophisticated styles like those of actress, Emma Stone. Tiffany takes all of her own photography, occasionally using Photoshop and iMovie, while creating short films with her Flip camera. Thanks so much to Tiffany for sharing her personal fashion tips with us!

You can find Tiffany on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, where she is featured as one of Lucky Magazine’s “Bloggers We Love.” 


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