Hot Trend: Rose Gold Jewelry

You may be wondering what’s up with all the Rose Gold accessories  you have been seeing around lately. Rose Gold is becoming an increasingly popular metal to use in trendy accessories, especially rose gold jewelry in the jewelry world.

What is Rose Gold? Rose Gold is gold with a pink or red tint to it. Rose Gold is created by simply mixing pure gold with a high percentage of copper and decreasing the number of silver-colored alloys that go into the metal. When different levels of copper are mixed with the yellow gold, it doesn’t effect the gold’s value, it just makes it slightly pinker in color to satisfy the desires of people looking to stray from the ordinary gold color and gain something new and unique.

The nice thing about Rose Gold is that because it has a pinkish tint, it can be comfortably worn with silver or gold jewelry and look great either way because it’s not necessarily a silver or gold shade. Match your silver or gold jewelry with any of our rose gold jewelry whether it be engravable rose gold jewelry rings or any other rose gold jewelry trend.

Eve’s Addiction has recognized the growing popularity of Rose Gold jewelry trends and has added many new styles to our Rose Gold Collection. Check out some styles below:

Eve’s Addiction’s monogram necklaces now come in Rose Gold! Each Rose Gold Vermeil Large Custom Monogram Necklace (Left) and Rose Gold Vermeil Large Block Style Monogram Necklace (Right) is custom-made for the wearer, personalized with their initials. Traditionally, Your first name is the left initial, your middle name is the right initial and your last name is the largest initial right in the center. Eve’s monogram necklaces are all sterling silver,  plated in the beautiful Rose Gold metal, for a truly unique and alluring look.

Eve’s Addiction’s Sideways Cross Collection is on of our hottest trends right now. Why not mix the hottest trend with the hottest color? We have combined the Sideways Cross style with the Rose Gold jewelry trend, for a piece that our customers are sure to love. On the left we have the Rose Gold Vermeil CZ Cross Necklace, matching the Rose Gold Vermeil CZ Cross Bracelet, in the middle. To the right, we have our plain Rose Gold Vermeil Cross Necklace. This necklace also has a matching bracelet that will be posted on the website this week for purchase as well! These beautiful, dainty crosses have been seen on many celebrities and now our customers can have the look for less!

Eve’s Addiction also now carries some of our hottest Designer Styles in Rose Gold jewelry trends! Designer Styles include: the Designer Style Rose Gold Heart Tag Necklace, on the left, with the matching Designer Style Rose Gold Heart Tag Bracelet to the right. Both items are engravable on both sides, so that you can add a truly personal message to the pieces. Below, on the left, we have the Designer Style Rose Gold Mesh Ring. Bottom right, we have the Designer Style Rose Gold Vermeil CZs By the Yard.

In addition to all of the above styles, Eve’s Addiction has many more Rose Gold jewelry trends and still much more to come. To visit all of our Rose Gold Jewelry please visit our Rose Gold Jewelry Collection!


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  1.' Lilian on August 3, 2012 at 2:35 am said:

    Love your Tiffany inspired collection, truly remarkable pieces..

  2. Thank you very much!!!

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