The Forgotten Jewels of Huguette Clark – the Reclusive Heiress

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Jewels were discovered in heiress Huguette Clark’s safe-deposit box 1 year after she passed away at the age of 104 – and they are going up for auction. The complete collection is composed of 17 jewels includes signed Art Deco jewels by Cartier, Dreicer & Co., and Tiffany & Co., including an extremely rare 9-carat pink diamond ring and a superb 20-carat D-color diamond ring.

Huguette Clarks Diamonds

This is truly an amazing story – Ms. Clark, one of the last great heiresses of America’s Gilded Age, spent most of her life in recluse – just like these jewels that have possibly been in a bank vault since the 1940’s.
Huguette Clark bracelets
“In the world of fine jewelry, this is truly a fairytale collection,” Rahul Kadakia, head of Jewelry for Christie’s Americas was quoted in an article by Forbes. “Opening the vault to find this treasure trove of period jewels from the best French houses of the early 1900s has certainly been one of the most extraordinary moments…”

The jewels will be auctioned on April 17 at Christie’s auction house in New York. The price tag? An expected $9 – $12 million.

Huguette Clark - the reclusive heiressHuguette Clark – the reclusive and mysterious heiress behind the jewels

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