New Religous Jewelry Products From Eve’s

What’s the greatest part of our new Religious jewelry collection at Eve’s Addiction? Not only can our Religious collection pieces hold a special meaning to your beliefs, but also  adds a unique flair to any Fall fashion! Here’s a look into our different Religious jewelry styles:

Sideways Cross & Necklace:

New to our Religious collection is the Sideways Cross Jewelry, which is offered in sterling silver and gold vermeil. Our sideways cross necklaces and bracelets add a new twist on traditional cross pieces. Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Ripa, and Vanessa Hudgens have added Sideways Cross Jewelry to their already trend-setting fashion tastes.  Some have their own interpretations to what a sideways cross might represent, such as humanity or peace. However, with no universal meaning to this particular form of the cross, one can allow the Sideways Cross to represent what he or she truly believes while complementing seasonal wardrobe!

Evil Eye & Hamsa:

Another part of our Religious collection is the Hamsa and Evil Eye jewelry. Our sterling silver, stainless steel, and gold vermeil Hamsa necklaces and bracelets are popular pieces used to represent protection to an individual. Jewish and Islamic traditions have used the magical Hamsa through many of life’s passages. Evil Eye charms are said to offer protection from bad luck and misfortune in addition to the Hamsa and have recently become a popular part of celebrity fashion. These Hamsa and Evil Eye jewelry pieces are popular among celebrities who look for the protection of the Hamsa and Evil Eye to guide them through their days as well as adding a unique flair to their styles. Well known Hamsa & Evil Eye fashionistas include: Kim Kardashian, Lauren Conrad, Nicole Richie, and Ashley Tisdale.

Shamballa Bracelet:

We here at Eve’s Addiction are excited to have the Shamballa bracelet added to our Religious jewelry collection. The men’s Shamballa bracelet has become very popular among celebrities, especially among urban musicians such as Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes. Used in popular yoga practices, Shamballa is a representation of Buddhist tradition, which sees the Shamballa as a representation of the mind and tranquility. Our very stylish Shamballa bracelets are offered in a wide range of colors to best represent your true self. Our Shamballa bead colors range from the bold Red Fire Agate, to the calming Sea Green Turquoise that are guaranteed to add flavor to any outfit!


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