Custom Monogram Ring

What better way to wear our Custom Monogram Necklace than by matching it with our new Custom Monogram Rings? There is no better way! Celebrities have been seen wearing these fun Custom Necklaces and Rings and now you can have your very own personalized with your monogram.

A monogram is technically a pattern of overlapping initials; the proper format is with the first letter of the first name on the left, the last name initial in the middle in a larger font and the middle initial on the far right.   This originated from the Victorian era, but monograms can be seen going all the way back to the Romans and Greeks, when they would use monograms on their coins to identify their rulers.  Many times married woman are expected to put their maiden name initial where the middle initial would normally go, but rules are meant to be broken! With this truly stunning pendant, the choice is yours.  Put your initials, 3 initials of children or grandchildren, or you and your lover’s initials.  Whatever you decide to do, this ring will look amazing.

Eve’s is now carrying these beautiful Monogram Rings for a desirable cost! These rings and necklaces make awesome gifts for yourself or friend. The rings come in both Gold Vermeil as well as Sterling Silver, just like the Monogram Necklaces. Match them with the Monogram Necklace today for a timeless look you will not be disappointed with!


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