Staying Cool with Silver Jewelry

The past few weeks have been a scorcher in some, if not all, parts of the country. And if you’re like the staff at Eve’s Addiction, you’re doing everything you can to keep yourself from overheating. Here are some ideas our staff has for you:

– Stay in air conditioned places. Whether at work or at home, AC is one of the easiest ways to stay cool, but if you’re looking for something fun to do, take a trip to the mall, the grocery story or have a date night to a dinner and a movie (that way you can show off those killer hoop earrings you just bought!).

– Take a trip to the water park. There’s plenty of fun to be had at these place, especially if you have young kiddies to entertain.

– Of course, you can always hit the beach or hang out by the pool. Just remember that if you’re wearing sterling silver jewelry, you’ll want to be sure you don’t wear it in the water. Not only might you possibly loose it, but the harsh chemicals of a pool or the salt of the ocean may ruin any rhodium finish on your ring or necklace. And it’s always best to clean it with a dry polishing cloth when you get home – you should never clean silver jewelry in any liquid cleaner.

And finally –  do absolutely nothing! The easiest way to stay cool is to take it easy and don’t move around too much – it gives you that much needed excuse to put your feet up and relax. Or, you can always shop around at, you know its never to early to shop for Christmas. Come on, when was the last time you checked out our New Arrivals anyway?

With all kidding aside, make sure to drink plenty of water, munch on water based foods, like fruits and vegetables, and keep in mind that this too shall pass. Heat exhaustion and heat strokes are serious conditions, so be mindful of your body temp and stay cool.

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