Taste of Summer – Cape Code Style Bracelets

Cape Cod bracelets have been around for a number of years, some may say decades,  but they have yet to disappear from the jewelry industry as a casual bracelet for all occassions.

Originating from a town on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, the simple wire bracelet with screwball had grown into a national best seller. Usually made of silver with a gold ball, the Cape Cod bracelet can be worn year round for as many years as you would like. Most people never take it off!

If you’re looking for something new, try our Cape Cod style bracelet for a fun, new summer style. It’s a must-have jewelry accessory for any woman, and we have three designs that include the bangle bracelet, cuff bracelet, and the twisted style bracelet. Get all three to wear as stackable bracelets!


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