Jewelry Styles at the Royal Wedding

Of course we can’t not talk about the jewelry style seen at the Royal Wedding today. It was not only an amazingly beautiful and sweet occasion, but it was filled with stunning fashion and jewelry, and we spotted some of the main attractions!

Always the stately matriarch, Queen Elizabeth II shined brightly with a yellow dress suit, pearl earrings, and a vintage ribbon brooch.

Camilla dressed similar to the queen in a baby blue and champagne outfit with pearl drop earrings, a single strand pearl necklace and matching pearl bracelet. Such a style is typical for people attending weddings and can be simply accomplished with a freshwater pearl jewelry set of  earring, bracelet, and necklace.

For a more modern style, Kate’s mom Carole opted for a pair of diamond and tourmaline pink  pendant with matching earrings to accent her light blue ensemble. It’s easy to see where Kate gets her good looks and sensible style from!

Last, but certainly not the least, the belle of the ball Kate Middleton (now to be known as the Duchess of Cambridge) beautifully accessorized her wedding gown with the a vintage tiara and simple dangle earrings that were a wedding gift from her parents. Kate failed to disappoint with her sophisticated, yet modern, bridal style, setting a positive example for any young bride on their wedding day.

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