Birthday Flower for Every Month

Everybody knows about the beautiful birthstone jewelry available at Eve’s Addiction. But, have you heard about Eve’s Addiction’s Sterling Silver Birth Month Flower Pendant? These birth month pendants are the most innovative pieces of jewelry that I have seen. They are so cute and so much different than wearing birthstone jewelry yet you can pay homage to your birth month at the very same time.

Each month has its different flower and they’re all very beautiful. Dare to be different and opt to wear one of these pendants. You’ll see how they can instantly become a topic of conversation with people who will be wondering what the flower of your birth month stands for.

Wear your birth month pendant with a nice pair of jeans and with a nice t-shirt and be ready to take on the world. Have fun accessorizing your outfit and enjoy wearing your Eve’s Addiction’s Sterling Silver Birth Month Flower Pendant.


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