Anchor Pendant for a Spring Fling!

Looking for a cool and fun pendant to wear to a nice party that they’re throwing at work? Well, you have to look no further than Eve’s Addiction’s Designer Style Cubic Zirconia Anchor Pendant. This pendant is so cute and fun and you’ll just love wearing it. I was immediately amazed by the beautiful design and all the cubic zirconia stones that this pendant has throughout it. I’m sure you’ll love it too as soon as you get it in your hands and in especially when you get it around your neck.

You can wear this beautiful pendant with just about any outfit to make it look a bit more fun yet sophisticated at the very same time. You can easily wear this pendant with some nice amazing blue jeans to go run errands as well as you can wear it with a beautiful black dress and nice shoes. Either way, you’ll be having fun wearing this beautiful anchor pendant.


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