Opal Palm Tree Jewelry

Eve’s Addiction’s Designer Style Genuine Opal and CZ Palm Tree Pendant is one of the cutest pendants I have seen. If you’re looking for a stylish pendant which you can wear with an elegant black dress or with a matching nice blue top and some nice black pants and some very beautiful blue shoes, this is the one that you must get.

This pendant has the leaves of the palm tree with beautiful opals and the trunk of the palm tree is lined with beautiful white cubic zirconias.

Now, if you want to finish off the look, you must get Designer Style Genuine Opal and CZ Palm Tree Earrings. These earrings have an opal stud from which hang the palm trees. The palm trees are identical to the palm tree charm on the necklace which I mentioned above.

Both the pendant and the earrings are available in all white cubic zirconias.


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