Yin Yang Pendant

What better way to be in peace and harmony with nature and with yourself than to have one of Eve’s Addiction’s Sterling Silver Yin Yang Pendants? The Yin Yang symbol symbolizes opposite yet complimentary forces in nature – the good and the bad, the dark and the light – forces which cannot exist without the other. What better way to prove that you harmonize and understand nature and with your present existence than by wearing one of these pendants.

The yin yang pendant is available on a 16, 18 or 20 inch chain and it is made of black and white enamel which is set into the sterling silver. Yin is the darker element which symbolizes the feminine and yang is the lighter element which symbolizes the male.

Regardless of what your beliefs are, you’d be sure to appreciate the beauty and the symbolism behind this ancient Taoist symbol. I know you’d be sure to enjoy this yin yang pendant as much as I do.


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