Pearl Lariat, The Perfect Valentine’s Day gift

Want to give your honey the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Do you want to give her something that she will cherish forever and which she will wear time and time again? Well, you may have just stumbled upon the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your lady. Eve’s Addiction’s Designer Style Pearl Drop Sterling Silver Heart Lariat is so cute and perfect to give out this Valentine’s Day that once you give this to her, she might just vow to love you forever.

This necklace starts with a chain of silver which on one side has an open heart through which the other side of the chain runs through. The other side has a beautiful freshwater pearl which is big enough so that it doesn’t fit through the open heart and which looks so elegant just hanging down through the open heart.

If you’re seriously thinking of buying the perfect gift for your lady this Valentine’s Day, this is definitely it. Create a set with a pair of dangling pearl earrings!


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