3 Birthstone Swarovski Crystal Pendant

Do you have a family that has three members? Would you like to keep them close to your heart at all times? There’s no better way to do that than with Eve’s Addiction’s 3 Stone Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Family Heart Pendant. This pendant is perfect to keep those in your three-member family close to your heart.

This pendant is a heart with three beautiful Swarovski crystals at the top of it. The best thing is that you can get whichever three birthstones for your three family members. It’s a great thing that you can do to keep your family close to your heart.

Another fun thing that you can do is with your best friends, all three of you can get the same pendant with each of your birthstones on it. There’s no better way to keep your best of friends close to you at all times than to wear their birthstones, along with yours, on a pendant.

Whether you choose to use the Swarovski crystals for your family birthstones or for your best friends’, this pendant is sure to look great with any outfit that you wear it with.


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