The Royal Ring

Want to have a piece of jewelry that links you to Britain’s royal family? Want to wear the same ring that both Princess Diana and now Kate Middleton have worn as engagement rings? Well, you would love this beautiful ring from Eve’s Addiction – Kate Middleton’s Replica Engagement Ring. It’s a Royal Ring to die for.

It is a huge blue sapphire cubic zirconia encircled with small diamond cubic zirconia and it looks exactly like the ring that Princess Diana had and that now Kate Middleton is using as her engagement ring. The shape of the ring is oval (blue sapphire) and it is just beautiful.

The blue sapphire is 2.5 carats and the total carat weight is up to 2.98 carats, including the diamond cubic zirconias which encircle the oval blue sapphire. This ring is available in sizes 6 to 9 and it is just perfect to go with any one of your outfits.


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