Garnet Gemstone: Warm Burgundy For January Blues

Garnet is the birthstone for January and what a inviting warm color stone for the January chills.  It gives one the feeling of glowing, red- orange embers from a warm cozy fireplace. Garnet is a gemstone which exudes passion and warmth.  It makes a perfect Valentines gift or any time gift for that someone  special. Heart shaped Garnet earrings, pendents or rings are just right.

Garnet Gemstone goes particularly well with diamonds and Sterling Silver. What a classic jewelry idea the Garnet is.  There are different minerals in Garnet that decide the color. Pyrope and Almandine are types of Garnets. Pyrope means “fire like”from a  Greek word. Dark red Garnets, which are quite common, are a mixture of Almandine and Pyrope.

The deep red ruby like color of other Garnet Gemstones is from Chrome Pyrope. This Garnet is found in Arizona. Ants actually bring these stones to the surface and are dubbed “ant hill garnets” . They are very dark tone Garnets and are also rarely faceted in any sizes over one carat due to the coloration.

The word Garnet comes from Latin “granatus” this means grain. Garnet deposits are often small grains of red crystals on or in a host rock The Garnet has several species along with different varieties. There are very large Garnet  Crystal Stones, but only the medium or small size get faceted. These gemstones are cut very shallow, which allows the light to pass through them.

A large source of Garnet is in Alabanda located in Asia Minor. Throughout history the dark red Garnets have been one of the most popular of all the Gemstones. Garnet is found around the world and also in great abundance. This makes the value of the common Garnet low, but also tends to make the Garnet a very affordable and beautiful Gemstone.


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