Sparkling Swarovski Hearts

Eve’s Addiction’s Sparkling Swarovski Crystal Sterling Silver Heart Earrings are to die for! Their beautiful design, full of Swarovski crystals on silver, is so gorgeous that you are going to opt to wear these earrings more often than all your other earrings. As a matter of fact, all your other earrings will be jealous!

The earrings start with dark purple Swarovski crystals at the top and they start to turn into soft pink crystals toward the bottom of the heart-shaped earring. I can just imagine myself wearing these earrings for a night out with a beautiful black dress and pumps the same color as the earrings. And, of course, a nice purse to match.

Eve’s Addiction also has available a Sparkling Swarovski Crystal Sterling Silver Heart Pendant which matches the earrings. The set is one that will make whichever outfit you decide to match it with, one which will receive looks from just about everyone.


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