Elegant Silver and CZ Snowflake Pendant

What says winter fashion more than an elegant silver and CZ snowflake pendant? This beautiful pendant is in sterling silver and it has sparkling white diamond cubic zirconias in the center and throughout the entire pendant. The pendant flows from the center on outward as unique as every snowflake which falls out of the sky.

This pendant is the perfect gift for that special someone you know who loves to dress in Christmas sweaters. You know which sweaters I’m talking about; the ones which are usually in red and green and that have snowflakes all over them.

This elegant silver and CZ snowflake pendant may also be worn with a black dress or with a red dress both of which can be worn with either black or red pumps.

There are many options of outfits which one may use to wear this pendant with, but regardless of which one of them one choose, the truth is that this elegant silver and CZ snowflake pendant is spectacular.


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