A Christmas Outfit from Eve

I’ve decided to post a Christmas outfit that is sure to steal the looks of everyone at the next Christmas party that you decide to host and/or go to this Christmas season. It all starts with a red dress, similar to the one I have provided in the picture. If spaghetti straps are not your thing or if it’s too cold outside, you may opt for a red cocktail dress which covers up up top a little bit more. Or you may also just choose to wear a black or white cardigan to warm up a bit. This look goes perfectly with the Christian Louboutin Decollete Suede Red Pumps in the picture.

To accessorize the look, I have chosen Eve’s Addiction’s beautiful Sterling Silver Vintage Filigree Flower Pendant along with the Vintage Style Sterling Silver Filigree Flower Ring to match. The earrings I’ve chosen to finish off the look are Eve’s Addiction’s Sterling Silver Oval hoop Earrings, which give the outfit a fun and hip style look.

Enjoy wowing the guests at your next Christmas get-together with this outfit and accessories and make sure to finish the look off with some red lipstick to make an even bigger statement.


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