Black Onyx Mystical BirthStone of December

The Black Onyx Gemstone is truly an elegant jewelry statement  especially when done with Sterling Silver. There is nothing that can’t be worn with Black Onyx. It literally is the perfect piece whether it’s worn with a beautiful, simple evening outfit or basic black for office day time.

Black Onyx also goes fantastic with casual wear and jeans, like with an onyx ring or a pair of dangling onyx earrings. If you wanted to buy one piece of jewelry for your collection that will last a lifetime and get the most wear than Black Onyx is a wonderful choice.

Men will also love a exquisite ring, tie tack or cuff link set fashioned in Black Onyx. They can find suitable Onyx pieces no matter what their style. Country, Rock n Roll, Sophisticated and Refined all look great in Black Onyx.

Some of the Mystical Properties of Black Onyx are that it brings strength, vigor, self-control, and stamina. It also alleviates nervousness, tension, worry, and eliminates nightmares and confusion. It’s used to glimpse into the “beyond” and activates a person’s memory of their reality and roots.

Onyx also is used for medicinal applications including treatments for teeth, blood, bone, marrow, foot and soft tissue problems. Black Onyx is believed to aid in glaucoma, epilepsy and damage to cells.

Historically Black Onyx has been used to allow powers of defensive magic, protection, and reduction of sexual desires. It aids in the psychic contact with the dead, and helps facilitate with mediumship and séances, regression or past-life. It also removes and prevents spirit possessions and helps with future life progression.

Cleaning Onyx is best done by wiping with a moist cloth. The gemstone is porous and can be ruined if ultrasonic cleaners or ammonia is used. Soap can also cause discoloration if allowed to build up and absorb into the Black Onyx. Caring for your Black Onyx jewelry will keep it looking good for years and years to come.


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