Sweetest Day Contest!

Eve’s Addiction is giving three lucky fans a Designer Style Sterling Silver Heart Key Pendant in honor of Sweetest Day! All you have to do is post your favorite sweetheart story on our FaceBook fan page no later than Noon on Friday, Oct. 15th for your name to be entered into the drawing. We’ll select three people to receive one of our popular silver heart key pendants on a chain of your choice.

Don’t wait too long to enter and spread the love to all your family and friends so they can enter too!

Email us at facebook@evesaddiction.com with any questions of concerns.


4 Thoughts on “Sweetest Day Contest!

  1. I met my guy at atrade show, he was helping someone else ( I was to his attend a xmas party but didnt) this guy kept trying and we reconected a few months later at another trade show,,,we went out for dinner, sparks flew,,,and the rest is history,,,we have been together 5 years now, I have had a bad divorce, he has kids, My MOm lives with me,,,,I need a sweethearts key pendant win….and happily ever after…

  2. I love my gf totally, she has had a rough life, a bad marriage, the economy has hit her hard,,,but she is always positive,,,now she needs a pick me up, a nice little key pendant would rock her world,,,and make her smile, thats whats its all about

  3. dreamin2win@gmail.com' Chris Taylor on October 11, 2010 at 6:32 pm said:

    I meet this guy when I was 17 through some mutual friends. He used to work in a grocery store. In fact the same one that my Mother worked the Van de Kamp shelves. I did not know this at the time. She used to come telling the stories abou…t overhearing the guys talk about their dates. When they asked her if she had any daughters; she had told them she had 3 & none of them will ever date them.
    This guy ended up becoming my best friend.
    Never knew he knew my Mom until one day she needed a truck 2 move a few things. He arrived at her house & she could not believe her eyes.
    That’s all water under the bridge, I married my best friend in 1981.
    He still hold the key to my heart!

  4. mamamia8081@comcast.net' Big Mama on November 13, 2010 at 9:33 am said:

    I know I’m late but–what the hell. this is a story all of you need to hear anyway! I have been married for almost 12 years now. I am 55 yrs. old. I have never met such a romantic man in my life! He wines and dines me. Flowers are always around. the 1st year we were married he surprise me with Faith Hill & Tim McGraw tickets including a jean jacket. unfortunately we were married on 9-11-99. It kinda bummed us out however that was two years later. We got married & honeymooned in Las Vegas WHAT A TIME! We had picked 9-11 because we are both in law enforcement. I thought it was cool. Even though I missed the boat on Sweetest Day, I just wanted everyone to know what a great husband I have!!! I was also lucky to find him later in life, and her I had worked with him for 16 yrs. Iwish I could give him a special reward, oh well–we still have each other. I married my most best friend at age 42!!!!!! WE ARE STILL ON OUR HONEYMOON!!!!! Even though we are back @ home & he is still working in Law Enforcment!!! I Love It!!!

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