Gemstones Cuts and Shapes To Love

Round Cut  – The most popular shapes of cut for diamonds. 75% of diamonds and cubic zirconia are cut into a 58-facet cut because of the maximum fire and brilliance round cut stones create.

Oval – An elongated shape cut that is even and perfectly symmetrical. Women with small hands love the oval cut as it elongates the look of the wearers hands and fingers.

Emerald –  Rectangular shape with cut off corners. Emerald cut stones are referred to as a step cut because it resembles steps with its flat planes.

Princess – Square or rectangular cut that has numerous facets that sparkle. A some what newer cut, princess cut rings are good as engagement rings and great for long fingers.

Pear – Hybrid cut that combines oval and marquise. Shaped like a teardrop with sparkles. Pear cut cz stones are best for small or medium sizes hands. Beautiful as earrings or pendants.

Heart – Cut as its nameinto a heart shape. Ultimate symbol of love and romance. Pear shaped cut with a cleft on top. Heart shaped stones requires a  highly skilled cutter.

Marquise – Elongated shape with pointed ends which was inspired by fetching smile of the Marquise de Pompadour and  was commissioned by the Sun King. Marquise cut jewelry is often used as a solitaire.

Radiant – Square or rectangular cut. The radiant cut combines  the elegance of the emerald shape with the brilliance of the round shape cut. Its facets maximize effects of its color refraction.

Cushion – A deep cut with large facets  and an open bottom with rounded corners. Facets create a high degree of light which makes the cushion-cut one of the most brilliant and sparkling cuts.

Trillion/Trilliant – Was first developed in Amsterdam. Exact design varies depending on the particular stone’s natural characteristics and cutter’s personal preferences. Very adventurous gem shape.

You can check out all these beautiful cubic zirconia stone cuts before making a final choice of which is your favorite cz jewelry style shape.


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