Chandelier Earrings That Are Big On Style

One of the most beautiful and stunning of all earring styles is the Chandelier Earring style. These earrings get their name from the most beautiful of all lighting fixtures which is the chandelier.

The chandelier earring comes in so many different styles and lengths that you’ll want to collect them all! The chandelier earring style has been around for a long time being popular in India and the Middle East for centuries. Sterling Silver Chandelier Earrings are now one the the most popular earring style here in the United States. Celebrities are sporting the chandelier earring while showing off their dynamic personalities and style.

While most chandelier earrings are either adorned in diamonds or CZ, they can be made from beads, pearls or other stones . They do look most dramatic and spectacular when they are a diamond or CZ earring because of the fluidity and high glitz of the sparkle from these stones.

The Chandelier style earring is long and dangling on the ear, creating a remarkable statement. They can be worn casual or with a formal outfit. Either way the wearer displays an incredible high sense of style and femininity with these beauties.

Since they can be weighted down by the stones, chandelier earrings usually are set in many small size stones. You can get diamond chandelier earrings at a  reasonable price because of the small size stones. Cubic Zirconia is also a fine choice for the chandelier style because of the affordable price and gorgeous glimmer they give off!

Sterling silver is a perfect setting for a chandelier style earring. The striking shiny glimmer from the silver complements either diamond or CZ beautifully. They can elongate a smaller petite figure to give a sleek, elegant appearance. The silver setting shows off the striking display of the chandelier earring magnificently.


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