Add It To Your Wish List: Designer Style 10mm Bead Earrings!

Ladies, it’s time to add a new edge to your wardrobe.  Check out Eve’s Designer Style 10mm Sterling Silver Bead Earrings.  These babies are sure to add glow to your face, showing off your style from head to toe. There is nothing more elegant then being simple and glamorous at the same time. These bead earrings can be worn around the house, office, or add spice to any night club outfit.  Not only is silver mentioned in Holy Scriptures as adorning women but its properties are said to be a major conductor of communication.  So girls when you want to get your point across in the eloquent way that you do- these earrings are sure to assist.

Also checkout this Designer Style 10mm Sterling Silver Bead and Earring Set…great as a Christmas gift!


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