Sterling Silver Nature Style Jewelry: Insect Jewelry!

Fashion trends and styles change all the time and so it goes for sterling silver jewelry designs. The styles from the past become out of date and newer designs replace outmoded ones. Fancy intricate shapes get replaced with simpler modern styles. Ideas of what is beautiful turn upside down. Less is more.

One of the newer styles of jewelry that is being popular are insect themed designs.  Many jewelry designers are designing  using dragonflies, butterflies, beetles and bees as motifs for pins, pendants, earrings and bracelets.

The newer insect designs work nicely in sterling silver. Since sterling silver is a precious metal, it will retain its value and add interest to your collection with the insect designs.

The  Dragonfly motif represents a life starting from larva and developing into adulthood. Since it is a short life cycle, the dragonfly living only 3 months, it symbolizes life is short and teaches us to enjoy our own life and to be happy. The wings of the dragonfly can be cut, enameled or textured. There are many styles and designs in sterling silver of the dragonfly motif including designer inspired dragonfly rings.

The Butterfly motif also represents a life cycle. It can also be enameled into many beautiful colors displaying the many hues of the butterfly. Silver is fantastic for showcasing the beautiful colors of the butterfly. Different sizes and designs can be found for you silver butterfly necklace or earring collection.

The represents a image of hard work, determination, and organization which is a completely different image of he Dragonfly or the Butterfly. They are more associated with romance and love. The bee motif is just plain cute though! Have fun picking out your favorite insect themed silver jewelry piece. There are so many sweet styles to choose from and each as desirable as the next especially when its done in sterling silver!


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