June Babies Love Pearls

For all of those June babies out there, now is the perfect time to treat yourself or someone else! The beautiful and always classic pearl is this month’s birthstone, and what’s a better gift for anyone born during this month then a beautiful piece of pearl jewelry?

There are many origins of the pearl, such as the Greek belief that they were hardened tears of joy that the love goddess shook from her eyes as she was born from the sea. Arab legend claims that pearls were formed when oysters were lured from the ocean by the moon and swallowed moon-lit dewdrops. The Chinese believed that the pearl originated from dragon brains!

Whatever your belief, there is no better way to celebrate a June birthday than with  freshwater pearl jewelry, available in a variety of rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. If you’re not quite sure which style is right for your birthday girl, try a single freshwater pearl and sterling silver necklace—simple, yet elegant.


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