How do we do it? Engravings & Personalization

A lot of Eve’s Addiction customers wonder how we are able to ship out engraved jewelry in 24hrs. Well, the answer is quite simple…we’re that good!

The web engineers at spent time developing an online too that allows you to view your engraving on our site. After you have confirmed your engraving and placed your order, that information is attached to your order and processed to our warehouse. Because we want you to have your jewelry as fast as possible, we process orders throughout the day so everything goes out on time and without delay.

When your order reaches the warehouse, you engraved ring or personalized necklace is picked from inventory and given to the engraving department. Our organized and well trained warehouse staff know when an engravavble ring, id bracelet, or engravable dag tag necklace is supposed to be engraved and our highly skilled engraving team know exactly how to engrave your jewelry right away. With automated machines, your personalized ring is engraved quickly, sent for inspection, packaged, and shipped!

Eve’s Addiction has spent a great deal of time in training and educating our staff to work swiftly and efficiently, which is how your engraved jewelry is shipped so fast.

So now the cat is out of the bag…Eve’s Addiction not only offers high quality sterling silver jewelry and cubic zirconia jewelry, but also quality customer service and timely delivery. We really are just that good!

But leave a comment and tell us what you think about our Engraved Jewelry and Personalized Jewelry Department!


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