Fun with CZs by the Yard Necklaces

Tiffany Style Black Onyx CZ By The Yard 60 Inch NecklaceWe all know how a simple silver necklace or cubic zirconia pendant can spruce up any outfit. The perfect necklace can balance out and dress up a neckline or attract the perfect attention with light and color. So if you know anything about necklaces then you are sure to appreciate the style of  czs by the yard necklaces!

Cubic Zirconia necklaces by the yard are a versatile style of necklace for both look and occasion. The style of by the yard necklace usually has diamonds, cubic zirconia stones, or any other type of gemstone set into a long chain, usually in a bezel setting. The necklace can typically be worn as a single layer or multiple layered necklace and usually are as long as 18 inches to 36 inches!

Celebrity Style JewelryWith the introduction of the Designer style diamonds by the yard necklace, the varying lengths and designs of the silver necklace became very popular. You can find very formal designs, like black onyx and silver or a shimmering peardrop cz necklace with czs by the yard chain, that are great with any cocktail dress or business outfit. There are also some great casual by the yard necklaces that feature colorful stones and charms, like the Designer Style Sterling Silver Layered Dragonfly CZ Dangle Necklace or even 36 inch Designer Style Onyx Clover Necklace! With cz jewelry, we found that you can get the same look at lower prices!

And if you don’t believe us, check out your favorite celebrities who are often seen wearing by the yard necklaces in single strands and layered necklace styles!


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